Palthe Oberman Joins L&E Global

Press release 11 April 2011

Palthe Oberman lawyers becomes a member of an international alliance Amsterdam

Palthe Oberman lawyers has joined L&E Global, a new, integrated, international alliance of niche law firm specialising in employment law. The participating firms in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain are at the forefront in the field of employment law. Only one firm in each country may become a member of L&E Global. Partner Gieneke Van Wulfften Palthe: ˜We are very happy that we have been asked to join L&E Global. Our clients have an increasing number of cross-border matters. With the expertise available from the firms in our alliance we will be able to advise our clients even better’. The participating firms will work together very intensively. International clients will see that in the way in which they are advised and in the budgets and invoicing. Partner Christiaan Oberman: €˜International clients appreciate uniformity. That is the reason why we will be providing our services to our large international clients as one firm, in order to give them the best of both worlds: the maximum attention, service and speed offered by a niche firm and at the same time the knowledge of various countries and the network of the international alliance’. L&E Global, which was formed in January 2011, will continue to grow in the coming months. Discussions are being held with candidate firms in the EU Member States, India and China.

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