Webinar Brexit and the Impact on Immigration

On 2 April 2019, L&E Global presented its webinar ‘Brexit and the Impact on Immigration’, as part of the L&E Global webinar series

The date of United Kingdom’s departure from the EU is (for the time being) set on 12 April 2019. In this webinar, the speakers discussed the various (departure) scenarios that currently lie before us. The speakers gave practical tips and advice and they have addressed the Brexit from the perspective of several countries, including the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The speakers of the webinar were L&E Global colleagues:

•      Karol Hillebrandt (Palthe Oberman in the Netherlands)

•      Laura Cinicola (LABLAW in Italy)

•      Olivier Kress (Flichy Grangé in France)

•      Pieter Pecinovsky (Van Olmen & Wynant in Belgium)

•      Jonathan Chaimovic (Clyde & Co LLP in the United Kingdom)


Please find the recording link of the webinar ‘Brexit and the Impact on Immigration’ dated 2  April 2019 here.


Curious about the significant consequences that the Brexit can have for employers and employees? Click here for the article Karol Hillebrandt and Lisa van den Goorbergh wrote about this subject.


Curious about how things were going again in mid-2018? Please find the recording link of the webinar ‘The Impact of Brexit on your EU workforce’ dated 11 September 2018 here.



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