The Financial Times recognizes L&E Global as an “Innovator in Growth and Business Development”

We are proud to announce that the Financial Times “Commended” our alliance L&E Global as an “Innovator in Growth and Business Development” in its prestigious FT Innovative Lawyers Report 2015. The Financial Times highlighted that L&E Global is “an expanding international network of employment firms.”

According to the FT Innovative Lawyers 2015 Report, the category of Growth and Business Development focuses on how law firms have deepened and differentiated their existing practice and industry sector strengths from the offerings of competitors and set up new business lines. The category also looks at how firms are helping clients navigate legal and business challenges in a more global world.

“The fact that L&E Global has been recognized by the Financial Times as an Innovator in Growth and Business Development is a major accomplishment,” said Stephan Swinkels, Executive Director and Member of the Board of L&E Global. “Over the years, L&E Global has developed and implemented a coherent strategy that has helped the network achieve superior returns in an international market by delivering a simplified attorney-client relationship in regards to billing, point-of-contact, and overall advice and counsel, and offering clients a one-stop shop for all of their employment law needs. As a result, L&E Global’s success has attracted high-value clients, from large, multinational corporations to entrepreneurial and emerging companies seeking to enter international markets, and has expanded to include 20 international members across 5 continents.”

About the FT Innovative Lawyers 2015
FT Innovative Lawyers 2015 is a rankings report and awards for Europe-based lawyers. Shortlists for the awards comprise the top ranked submissions in each section of the report. The FT and its research partner RSG Consulting have devised a unique methodology to rank lawyers on innovation. Law firms, in-house legal teams and other legal service organisations are invited to submit their innovations. These are then fully researched through telephone interviews and online feedback. No entry appears in the FT report without thorough research and analysis. Market experts are also called in to assess the submissions and the research.

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