Stand firm!

We are deeply shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the early morning of February

As a consequence of the war in Ukraine and Russia’s threat of using nuclear arms, peace
and democracy in Europe are at severe risk. And while Ukraine is fighting bravely and
determinedly for its democracy, it is fighting a war it cannot win alone.

We cannot and will not stand by silently, avert our eyes and keep working. Professional
service providers in the Netherlands and Europe bear a responsibility.

We swore an oath in the acceptance of our office, promising faithfully to never defend a
case or represent an interest we could not in good conscience justify. In times of crisis and
war this responsibility to follow our conscience and act accordingly weighs even stronger.

We appeal to all Law firms in the Netherlands to support this declaration and refuse to
facilitate any transaction that may have the intent to secure the interests of the Russian
president, the Russian state, Russian (state) companies or the Russian elite insofar as they
do not openly take a stand against the invasion of Ukraine. We will not represent the
interests of those who (indirectly) facilitate the war against Ukraine. Starting with
respecting the sanctions against Russia that have been announced in a European context.

It’s time to show our true colours. Stand firm!

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