L&E Global Opening Up Shop: solutions to the challenges of opening in a new jurisdiction

For several years Palthe Oberman has been a proud member of L&E Global, the leading alliance of employers’ counsel worldwide (www.leglobal.org).

Mindful of the labour law issues affecting businesses across the globe, L&E Global just launched its latest client-focused knowhow initiative – Opening Up Shop: solutions to the challenges of opening in a new jurisdiction.

Prepared by dedicated teams of employment law experts from L&E Global’s member firms, the Opening Up Shop brochures present country-specific, tailor-made checklists and guidelines to assist employers seeking to open operations in a new jurisdiction.

To help prepare your business for expansion into new territories, L&E Global’s Opening Up Shop series provides insights into three key areas: (1) Labour and employment requirements; (2) Corporate requirements; and (3) Payroll and Benefits Providers.

Please gain access to our dedicated Opening Up Shop website – https://knowledge.leglobal.org/ous/ – 25 JURISDICTIONS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS –

L&E Global’s member firms are committed to offering clients the most comprehensive legal analysis capabilities and insight from across the globe, and we invite you to visit our Global Knowledge Centre, where you can explore employment law resources from more than 40 countries worldwide: http://knowledge.leglobal.org



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