L&E Global expands to Switzerland

“We are pleased to announce that the Zurich-based law firm Schmid Heinzen Humbert Lerch (SHHL) is now a member of L&E Global, our international integrated alliance of employment law firms. L&E Global specializes in providing counsel to employers on employment, labor, workplace privacy, employee benefits and immigration law.

With a seasoned team of specialized attorneys experienced in a wide range of employment related issues, Schmid Heinzen Humbert Lerch is consistently recognized in the Swiss market and internationally for its expertise in employment law and dispute resolution.

With the addition of a Swiss based law firm into the alliance, L&E Global has solidified its presence in some of the most important economic regions in the world.



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All lawyers at our firm specialise in employment law. We have extensive experience in providing employment law advice and resolving employment conflicts.

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