AIJA Double Seminar in London

From 3-5 April 2014, the Double Seminar of the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) was held in London, United Kingdom.

This Seminar focused on Financing for M&A Transactions and Social media. It offered an opportunity to broaden the knowledge on how to finance M&A Transactions, drawing on the expertise available from legal, banking, private equity and other M&A professionals and examined as well the latest trends in this rapidly evolving area, focusing on the key international legal issues from a practical perspective including liability, social media policies, data protection, freedom of speech, defamation and privacy issues.

Karol Hillebrandt was one of the panelists at this conference with regard to the topic The dark side of social media: inappropriate use of social media by employees.

AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and inhouse cousel aged 45 and under and promotes professional cooperations and friendship among young, career building legal professionals around the world.

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