Christiaan Oberman

Christiaan Oberman


19 May 2020

Legal guide Chambers & Partners Europe has published its rankings for 2020. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, Chambers compiles a list of lawyers’ teams per area of law.

12 May 2020

The Employment Law Chronicle, written by Karol Hillebrandt, Christiaan Oberman and Nadia Adnani, was recently published in the Journal of the Dutch Bar Association (Advocatenblad). The Chronicle provides an overview of developments in Dutch employment law between 1 January 2019 and 1 March 2020.

16 August 2019

Last year, the Dutch Supreme Court pronounced a large number of rulings in the field of the Work and Security Act (Wet werk en zekerheid). Therefore, a large part of this Chronicle deals with those decisions. 

13 December 2018

We are proud that our lawyers Karol Hillebrandt, Christiaan Oberman and Nadia Adnani received the Magna Charta Public Award for best Emplyment Law Article 2018.