Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Employment law

All Palthe Oberman lawyers are specialists in employment law with extensive experience in giving advice and solving conflicts in this area. We handle cases concerning dismissal, collective redundancy, incapacity for work, employment contracts, employment conditions and amendments to them, non-compete and business relations clauses, transfer of undertaking, holidays and leave, unsatisfactory performance procedures, training, pre-employment screening and the Work and Security Act.

Public service law

We advise diverse administrative bodies on public service law. Our in-house experts specialise in the following areas: appointment and dismissal, unsatisfactory performance procedures, disciplinary measures and the Government Information (Public Access) Act. We also assist individual civil servants engaged in a conflict with their employer.

Directors, Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors

We regularly act as an advisor or sparring partner for managing and statutory directors. We also advise Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors. Frequently recurring topics include appointments and dismissal, remuneration policy, management agreements, board regulations, contractual severance schemes, Senior Officials in the Public and Semi-Public Sector (Standards for Remuneration) Act and officers’ liability.

Collective employment law/ Employee’s participation right

Our lawyers have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the area of collective employment law and employee’s participation rights. We advise both employers and works councils on the application of the Works Councils Act (WOR), including the right to be consulted and the right of consent of the works council. We assist employers when consulting trade unions on entering into and applying collective agreements and redundancy packages. Our firm also has special expertise in the area of the right to strike.

Partnership law

We advise partnerships and individual partners on the legal aspects of their collaboration. Frequently recurring topics include dissolution of the partnership agreement, termination and squeeze-out, conflicts regarding valuation of the goodwill and incapacity for work. Furthermore we have comprehensive experience with conducting arbitration proceedings.

The medical sector

Our firm has another distinctive speciality: employment relationships in the medical sector. We advise hospitals, partnerships, cooperative associations, individual partners and Medical Staff Associations.


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All lawyers of our firm specializing in labor law. We have extensive experience in providing employment law advice and resolving employment disputes.

29 June 2018 | Palthe Oberman Advocaten

Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition at the University of Cassino

Our partner Christiaan Oberman acted as a judge amongst ‘real’ judges from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany during the Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition at the University of Cassino in Italy, where 14 excellent teams of law students from various countries in Europe and also from Georgia, competed against each other during three consecutive days from 14-16 June 2018.

13 June 2018 | Jeroen Douwes, Karol Hillebrandt

L&E Global Opening Up Shop: solutions to the challenges of opening in a new jurisdiction

For several years Palthe Oberman has been a proud member of L&E Global, the leading alliance of employers’ counsel worldwide (www.leglobal.org).

Mindful of the labour law issues affecting businesses across the globe, L&E Global just launched its latest client-focused knowhow initiative - Opening Up Shop: solutions to the challenges of opening in a new jurisdiction.

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